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College Directions, LLC encourages students to enroll in our CAP plan for college admissions. We believe this is the way we can serve students best.

The CAP plan is based on a flat fee that is divided into several payments over the time that we work with a student. You may start your consultations at any time up to the fall of your senior year. It is recommended, however, that you begin your relationship with College Directions, LLC as early as possible so that we can get to know you better. The more we are able to learn about your personal interests and abilities, the more successfully we can guide you toward the most productive and creative use of your high school years and in finding the right match when choosing a college.

For those desiring more limited assistance, College Directions, LLC also offers one-time and annual consultations as well as an Extended Consultation for juniors, seniors and post-grads that covers the most critical aspects of the college application process. Any fees paid for consultations will be applied toward the cost of the CAP plan (and fees for junior, senior & post-grad consultations can be applied to the cost of Extended Consultations) should a student later opt for more comprehensive services.

LAW SCHOOL ADVISING PLANS: Clients of College Directions, LLC have tended to keep in touch after high school and, as a result, have returned for assistance with graduate and professional school admissions.  With respect to law school, in particular, College Directions, LLC not only provides students with the same strong educational guidance that it offered them for college, but, having practiced law for many years, Doretta Katzter Goldberg is able to offer a professional’s perspective that enables students to make the academic choices that will be the best fit for their eventual careers. Most students begin the law school process during their junior year, but law school consultations are available at any time after high school graduation.

Law school advising services include:

        - Consultation on undergraduate curriculum, internships & summer jobs
        - Discussion of student’s academic and professional goals
        - Compilation of a suggested list of law schools
        - Advice on LSAT preparation
        - Assistance with applications and essays

Please contact the College Directions, LLC office for the current fee schedule.

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